Catapult in Birmingham with the UK Bungee Club!

19 March 2015
Catapult in Birmingham with the UK Bungee Club!
Catapult in Birmingham with the UK Bungee Club!
Catapult in Birmingham with the UK Bungee Club!

UK Bungee Club will be bringing our Catapult to a new location on Sunday 31st May and there are a number of reasons why you should join us!

People often misunderstand when they see that we are advertising a ‘Catapult’ event, expecting to arrive on site and find the sort of Catapult set up you’d find at a fairground or festival.  The sort of thing where participants sit comfortably encaged in a steel ball and are launched straight up into the air between two arms.  Well, UK Bungee like to do things a little differently...

What you can expect from us is more accurately described as a Reverse Bungee Jump.  David Hasselhoff currently holds the Guinness World Record for the 'Highest Reverse Bungee' ever performed; a stunt put together by UK Bungee in 2011 for Red and Black, an ITV show fronted by Ant and Dec; a stunt which led to us making a similar experience available for the public.

Those brave souls who purchase a Catapult experience with us will find themselves standing alone, wearing a full body harness and attached to an extremely heavy anchor.  Fastened between their shoulder blades is a bungee rope, the other end of which is connected to the hook of a 50m high crane.  On signal from our Jumpmaster the crane will lift and begin stretching the bungee rope to its full length.  The helpless participant will then find their toes lifted just off the floor as the rope stretches and the anchor holds them to the ground.  The crane lifts higher, the rope stretches further and further until finally, when the anticipation is at it’s highest, the crane suddenly gives a blast of its horn and the Jumpmaster pulls the pin.  The pin pulled, the parachute release mechanism holding you to the anchor bursts apart and the customer goes to the moon.  Or so it seems. The height reached, in fact, rivals a smaller bungee jump and the acceleration is massive.  Before long though the crane lowers and the customer is returned to terra firma and put firmly back on their feet.

We’re very happy to bring this event to Birmingham.  Our venue of the West Midlands Waterski Centre is a beautiful, friendly setting with a large bar/restaurant and a balcony overlooking the lakes. There’s even a campsite for those who fancy booking ahead and making it a weekend to remember!

To see the catapult in action CLICK HERE!

We are currently offering the Catapult at the West Midlands Waterski Centre on Sunday 31st May for just £20! Book today by CLICKING HERE or by calling our team on 0845 319 5767.

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