Weekend - Event Information & Contact Numbers

03 August 2020
Weekend - Event Information & Contact Numbers

July/August 2020

Are you jumping with us today? 

Please take a look at our up to date list of next available events below: 




8th and 9th August

The Abyss: Magna Centre, Rotherham

160ft Bungee: O2 Arena, London


15th and 16th August

160ft Bungee: Salford Quays, Manchester

300ft Bungee: Bray Lake, Windsor


22nd and 23rd August

160ft Bungee: Lloyds Amphitheatre, Bristol

300ft Bungee: Tatton Park, Manchester

All future updates can be found here prior to the events. PLEASE CHECK EMAILS INCLUDING SPAM AND JUNK FOLDERS FOR ANY UPDATES.

To contact a member of staff on the day of your event, please dial:


If you have any questions regarding your event this weekend then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 319 5767.  

Please note that our head office is open Monday to Saturday 9:15am to 5:00pm, and 9:15am to 3:00pm Sunday.

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