300ft Manchester Bungee Jump

Brief Information:

  • Jump Height: 300ft
  • Jump Type: 300ft Crane Bungee Jump
  • Jump over Airbag or Water: Water
  • Tandem Jumps Available: Yes
  • Car Parking Available: Yes

Bungee Jump At Our Tatton Park Venue

Our 300ft bungee jump is a special event and happens on selective dates throughout the year and is the highest regular jump you will find anywhere in the UK.  Tatton Park is a fantastic location, with the jump itself taking place over the vast picturesque lake. As you reach the dizzying height you will have a few seconds to appreciate the huge 1,000 acres of deerpark and the stunning scenery before you take the giant leap of the 300ft platform!  

Taking place in such a serene atmosphere, our Tatton Park venue is great place to experience your thrilling 300ft Bungee Jump!,

Tatton Park

Tatton Park is host to a range of activities and offers a fun and interesting day out.  The mansion itself has a traditional and warm character providing an ideal setting to explore the history of the house and the families who have lived there over the years.  To continue your experience outdoors Tatton Park is proud of its beautiful gardens stretching over 50 acres which provide for a pleasant walk.  Furthermore the 1,000 acre deer park is a fascinating walk where you can enjoy the scenery and observe the deers as they graze the fields.  If being in the outdoors has got you feeling peckish then make your way over to the on-site restaurant or tea rooms where you will be able to relax and enjoy the delicious food and drink on offer  - what's more, UK Bungee Club customers receive a 10% discount at the Gardners Cottage and The Stables so make sure to make the most of this special offer!

Important Information

  • Pre-Booking: Due to a limited number of spaces being available on each event it is necessary for you to pre-book your jump before the day of your event.  If you arrive on the day of the event without previously booking your experience we may not  be able to accommodate your jump.
  • Duration: You should arrive about 30mins prior to your jump time and allow between 2 -3 hours for your jump.  This is to allow for any delays that may occur on the day.
  • Car Parking: Participants can enter the park for free, simply show your confirmation to the park staff at the gate. The is ample car parking close to the bungee site.
  • What to Wear / Equipment: Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended. Also please refrain from wearing boots or anything that may interfere with ankle harnesses otherwise they will have to be removed prior to jumping. Trainers and securely fastened shoes are fine.
  • Group Size / Spectators: You are welcome to bring spectators, please note if your spectators are travelling in a separate car to you they may be asked to pay to enter the park.
  • Weather: Extreme weather conditions may affect this experience, mainly high winds and thunderstorms. If in doubt, please look at the front page of the website or call the Event Information Line on 0845 319 5767 to check before setting off.
  • Mobile Contact Number: Please ensure that you provide a contact telephone number when booking this experience, as we may need to contact you on the day of your jump in case of inclement weather.
  • Restrictions: please see our FAQ pages
  • Gift Voucher Holders: Please check that your voucher is valid for your chosen event - upgrades fees may apply.  (See our Redeem A Voucher page for more details)
  • Gift Voucher Codes - for information on which code you need to enter click here
  • What is a FAB bungee jump? A FAB bungee jump is a forward and backwards jump, your first jump is performed in the traditional manner jumping out headfirst and the second jump is done backwards. Both jumps are completed straight after each other on the day.

Event Address
Tatton Park
WA16 6QN

Weather Forecast

Conditions for Knutsford, UK at 7:49 pm GMT
Last Weather Update: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 7:49 pm GMT
Current Conditions:
Mostly Cloudy, 9 C

Thu - Clouds Early/Clearing Late. High: 10 Low: 4
Fri - Partly Cloudy. High: 14 Low: 6
Sat - Rain/Wind. High: 12 Low: 4
Sun - Showers/Wind. High: 10 Low: 6
Mon - Showers. High: 9 Low: 3

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