Voucher Extension Changes

28 March 2013
Voucher Extension Changes

Due to the increasing number of voucher extensions we are having to announce changes to our voucher extension process.

From the 1st April all voucher extensions processed by UK Bungee will incur a £10 administration fee.  This is due to the increasing volume of voucher extensions being processed.

In order to extend your gift voucher you will need to request a Voucher Extension Form from our Customer Care Team on 0845 319 5767; you will need to return the form along with your original voucher recorded delivery to UK Bungee.  The £10 administration fee is payable prior to receiving the Voucher Extension Form and UK Bungee must receive the gift voucher before the stated expiry date.

Furthermore from the 1st April all vouchers due for extension will now be extended from the expiry date on the original voucher and not from the date that they are received by UK Bungee.

These changes have been brought in in order to enable UK Bungee to continue offering voucher extensions.  We aim to be fair to all customers and offer the best possible service.  The above changes will help us continue providing the high level of service that UK Bungee strive for.

If you would like more information regarding these changes then please contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 319 5767.

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