Discover More Adventures with UK Bungee: Zip Wire and Abseil Charity Events

29 Sep 2023

Did you know that at UK Bungee, we offer not only heart-pounding bungee jumps but also thrilling zip wires and abseils? 

At UK Bungee, we are absolutely thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent charity events that unfolded in the heart of Glasgow and London this September. These events brought together charities and corporations in an exhilarating series of height-based challenges, all dedicated to the noble cause of fundraising. Here's a recap of their remarkable achievements

Zipslide the Clyde Soars to New Heights 
In its second year, the "Zipslide the Clyde" challenge achieved a staggering fundraising milestone of over £50,000! Over two thrilling weekends, more than 150 daring individuals took part in this jaw-dropping event. Perched atop a 100ft high crane next to the iconic Glasgow Riverside Museum, participants took to the skies down a 1000ft long route across the river Clyde. This remarkable display of courage and fund-raising, demonstrated the unwavering support and dedication to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus's vital work.

Natwest - Abseiling inside the Heart of the London Office
Adding to the excitement, our event as part of NatWest's "Do Good Feel Good" campaign reached new heights as well. We facilitated an awe-inspiring abseil event within the NatWest Head Office in London. Despite the challenges of the post-COVID era, our event broke records, drawing employees back into the office and fostering a sense of togetherness. Thousands of pounds were raised for charity, a testament to the power of adventure and giving back.

KPMG's Canary Wharf Abseil Raises £68,000 plus for Marie Curie
In yet another remarkable endeavor, three days of abseiling down the KPMG building in Canary Wharf, London, raised an astonishing £68,000 and the total is still rising for Marie Curie. The partnership between KPMG and Marie Curie is a testament to their shared belief in equal care, support, and guidance for individuals facing terminal illnesses.

Corporate Benefits of Adventure Activities Linked to Charity Fundraising
These events not only raised vital funds but also showcased the corporate benefits of adventure activities linked to charity fundraising. They proved that companies can ignite team spirit, engagement, and community involvement.

Opportunity for Charities and Corporate Companies
The events showed what our adventure activities can do for corporate companies and charities when they work together. UK Bungee offers a compelling opportunity for both charities and corporate companies to leverage height-based experiences for CSR strategies and charity fundraising. By partnering with UK Bungee, charities and corporate companies can make a positive impact on society while reaping the benefits of employee engagement and enhanced corporate reputation. It's a win-win opportunity for all stakeholders involved.

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