Valentine's Gift Vouchers Out Now

28 January 2014
Valentine's Gift Vouchers Out Now

This year, to celebrate the fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we have launched a special Valentine's Day offer which will allow you and your partner to take part in a Tandem Bungee Jump for just £99!

From today until the 14th February, you can save over £20 on a Tandem Bungee Jump with our special Valentine's Gift Voucher price of just £99!  You and your partner will experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as you take to a 160ft platform attached to nothing but eachother and a bungee cord!  As you hear the words "3, 2, 1, Bungee!" your hearts will race together as you plummet towards the ground leaving your bungee cord to pull you back towards the sky.  

Intertwined with only eachother, you and your partner will experience an intense adrenaline rush as you experience the thrill of a Tandem Bungee Jump and are sure to have a Valentine's gift that neither of you will ever forget!

With locations nationwide and events taking place year round, you can select the venue and time of year that is best for you, and depending on the location that you choose, you may even decide to extend the excitement and make a weekend out of your jump with a break in one of our many city locations!

To purchase your Valentine's Tandem Bungee Jump Gift Voucher click here.

Please note that this offer is available as a gift voucher only.

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