Become a Bungee Jumping Venue

The UK Bungee Club operated at a wide variety of venues worldwide from government owned bridges and event spaces to private buildings and venues right through to sympathetic UK stately homes and grade 2 listed strucutres. We are always on the look out for venues who would like enhance there product listing or looking to increase footfall, dwell time and secondary spend through bungee jumping. We can provide in depth feasability studies on Bungee Jumping as revenue provider at your building or venue and 

New Build Structures & Towers 
If you are planning to build a strucutre with height and are looking at a headline activity that will generate great PR and footfall then here at the UK Bungee Club we can help. We have worked with partners worldwide in advising and running bungee jumping activities.

White Label Operations
If you would like UK Bungee to provide a temporary or permanent operation under your company name or brand name please do not hesitate to contact us.