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  • Charity Fundraising
  • Memorable Corporate Incentives
  • Reward Schemes
  • Away Days
  • Team Building
  • Staff Morale

The flexibility of our operation means you can either choose -

  • Existing permanent venues
  • Location of your choice

Bungee Jumping is an activity that the vast majority of people are capable of undertaking - making it ideal for Corporate Events, Team Building, Corporate Fundraising, Incentives etc. The UK Bungee Club have 10 permanent locations within the UK or we can come to a venue of your choice.

It’s a challenge like no other that goes against every natural instinct - it’s about facing fears and pushing natural boundaries. The experience is all about one decision, the decision to jump that only the participant can make! (Well, we can help a little!) For those unsure of heights and apprehensive it can build confidence and create totally unique feelings of euphoria.

If you have a charity partner this is the ultimate challenge where both corporate partners and charities can come together at a mutually beneficial event. If you’re a corporate company looking to engage, inspire and empower staff whilst fundraising for a chosen charity or if you’re a charity looking to add value to an existing corporate relationship we can help.

Our Permanent Bungee Jumping Locations

All of our permanent event venues have the ability to accommodate between one and fifty charity jumpers

The UK Bungee Club’s Main Sites are as follows -

Other Experiences UK Bungee Club Offer

  • Abseil Events -

    Abseiling involves the use of specialist rope that helps an individual descend down buildings, hills, and other locations. UK Bungee Club have 25 years experience in organising and running abseiling events. Find out more about what packages we can offer you today!

  • Zip Wire Events -

    Zip-lines are cables connected between two places that slope downward. Individuals are placed into a body harness that clips into the cable allowing them to safely enjoy the adrenaline inducing ride! UK Bungee Club has 25 years experience in permanent and mobile Zip Wire operations, find out more about what we can offer you today! 

  • Catapults -

    Catapult events organised by UK Bungee Club offer a unique and memorable experience for your staff social, charity fundraising, festival or corporate event! Get in touch with us to find out more about our experiences. 

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