How to book your experience

How to book your experience

You can choose your experience on our experiences page, then there are three distinct ways of booking your Bungee Jump Experience

Book a date - Perfect for those that just want to choose their location, a date and purchase to get out there and tick off the ultimate bucketlist item

Buy a Gift Voucher - If you would like to purchase a gift for someone else and do not know what location or date they would like to book for, then choose from one of our gift vouchers, valid for 10 months and they can be exchanged for one of our other experiences if required. (charges may apply to exchange)

Redeem a Gift Voucher - If you have been lucky enough to have been given a gift voucher a Bungee Experience even if its from one of our partners you can use your voucher to book your date online


We have various locations to choose from and each one offers different experiences and jump heights, the experiences and jump heights available at specific location can be found on each location page. So you can either choose a location thats convenient to you or if you want a specific bungee jump experience or height take a look at our experiences page.

If you have an existing voucher for a specific type of experience e.g indoor bungee, bridge bungee then you may need to travel as they are only available at specific locations. To redeem your voucher and where you can take part click here

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Dont forget if you need to discuss your experience you can contact us here

• Min Age 14 years old
• Maximum weight limit for a solo jumper is 120kg (18.9 stone)
• Waist harnesses fit waist size of 40cm (15.7 inches) to 125cm (49.2 inches)

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