The UK Bungee Club has over 20 years experience in facilitating charity Bungee Jumps and as such can provide the perfect challenge for those of you looking to raise funds for your chosen charity.  

There are two approaches to undertaking a charity Bungee Jump or activity with us. Which one you choose is entirely up to you, as is the charity you are raising money for:

How to organise your Charity Bungee Jump 

  1. Decide Upon Your Chosen Charity

    The charity you raise money for, is of course entirely your choice. However, we do recommend that you contact your chosen charity to make sure they are ok with you doing the activity in the first instance.

  2. Book Your Jump
    Choose your jump location and book and pay for your Bungee Jump via our website.

  3. Request A Fundraising PackMost charities can issue fundraisers with a Fundraising Pack which contains  
    information about the charity and sponsorship forms if needed.  If desired, ask 
    your charity to send you a Fundraising Pack via email or post.

  4. Fundraise
    Now that you have secured your Bungee Jumping place you can begin to collect 
    sponsorship money.  Sponsorship money can be collected in person or via online donation websites such as Just Giving & Virgin Money Giving.

  5. Complete Your Bungee Jump
     Once you have completed your Bungee Jump you will need to collect the   
     remaining sponsorship money and send this to your charity.

Jump For Free

Some charity jumpers decide to deduct the cost of their jump from their sponsorship money.  This is completely at the discretion of the charity jumper and if you do decide to do this you should deduct the cost of the jump prior to sending your chosen charity the sponsorship money. Please note that online donation websites such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving will not give you the opportunity to claim the cost of your experience from the donated sponsorship money prior to sending to the charity.  

Become a Charity Partner with UKBungee Club

UKBungee have helped hundreds of charities raise funds through fundraisers that offer a memorable experience for a lifetime. That is why UKBungee offer the opportunity to become a charity partner, to become a partner and get a listing on our website, find out more about how to become a charity partner. 

For information on charity group bookings or holding a charity event, please contact us.

Select a charity to jump for

Cancer Research UK
The Brain Charity
Derian House Children’s Hospice
Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group
The Christie Charitable Fund
East Cheshire Hospice
Cornwall Air Ambulance
Rainbow Trust
Vision Care for Homeless People
Kidney Research UK
Leukaemia Care
Lennox Children's Cancer Fund
Pancreatic Cancer UK
St Christopher's