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A bridge bungee jump is the truest form of bungee jumping, an exhilarating and unique experience providing a sense of freedom and excitement that is hard to find elsewhere. If you want to gain a sense of accomplishment then a bridge bungee jump is one of the ultimate bucket list experiences in life. There is currently only one bridge in the UK that you can legally bungee jump from the top of and that is the stunning iconic Larpool Viaduct in Whitby.  The bungee jump takes place over the river Esk with great views across to Whitby Abbey from the top, it makes for an amazing day out on the stunning Yorkshire Coast . Who wouldnt want fish and chips on the beach after a bridge bungee jump! 

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November 15th, 2023
Absolutley incredible experience.
Considering i was absolutley petrified and almost bottled it at the top on the platform the captains speech or motivational speech or whatever you call it from Tom on the platform made me feel like i could fly, literally! please dont underestimate just how terrified i was, i was almost vomiting! If it wasnt for your team from start to finish i could not have conquered my fear of heights so i have to thank you all so much. I would love to thank you all individually but unfortunatley the adrenaline from the jump is still blocking most names. Thank you UK Bungee Club for what turned out to be the best experience i have ever had.
November 12th, 2023
Would 100% bungee again!
The wether was pants but the experience was awesome and would 100% do it again!