Tandem Bungee Jump London - 160ft


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A London tandem bungee jump brings people closer together, literally, this is a closely shared experience, share the fear, share the adrenaline, share the challenge this will give you something to talk about for years to come and create a memory to last a lifetime.

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The perfect extreme activity for friends, lovers or daredevils alike, 160ft off the ground, you and your willing bungee partner will be strapped together by the ankles as you prepare to launch yourselves from the platform. Looking for something to add a bit of excitement to your life outside your daily routine? This is it.

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April 21st, 2024
April 21st, 2024
Brilliant team, brilliant day.
Excellent service, very professional and made us feel like we were in safe hands. We were very nervous but completed the jump and I would say that the professional atmosphere of the team definitely helped us achieve this. We went through multiple checks and the team were exceptional at dealing with questions and making you feel at ease.
April 21st, 2024
Great experience!
10/10, all staff were very professional, made the experience very comfortable and inspired great confidence to myself and other jumpers I witnessed!