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The Drop Free-fall Experience

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Step off a platform in the 150ft Face of Steel and experience free-fall. This is a unique adrenaline experience, with you fully kitted in a safety harness and attached to a thin safety chord you will plummet to the ground, slowing only at the last second, so you can step safely onto the ground.

The Drop takes place in semi darkness complete with music, video screens, dry ice and effect lighting.


Location - The Abyss @ Magna

Events MonthlyPrice - £20

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May 24th, 2021
The staff were lo...
The staff were lovely to Harris's needs of a learning disability, it was quick and efficient. The only downside was that the event venue was very dark, as such you couldn't take any photos, and the official jump photo was,'t what we expected.The lady in the merchandise shop was very helpful getting him the best deal.