Channel 4's Don't Look Down for Stand Up to Cancer Bungee!


Recently, Big Bang Promotions partnered with the cast and contestants of Channel 4's 'Don't Look Down for SUTC,' a program dedicated to supporting Stand Up To Cancer. The 4th episode in the series aired on Thursday the 2nd of November, with Big Bang first featuring at the 30 minute mark!

This series features ten celebrity contestants, with Paddy McGuiness leading as the host and team captain. The programme revolves around daunting height-based challenges, which are designed to test the mettle of these contestants, many of whom have a significant fear of heights.

This season witnessed the celebrities embark on "fear training", amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian Alps. These rigorous tests and challenges serve as preparation for the ultimate feat: a never-before-attempted high-wire walk!

However, one of the contestants was finding the training more difficult than the others; UK Bungee Club was called in to help Chris Hughes conquer his fear of heights.

We were up for the task and delivered our heart-racing 300-foot bungee jump, the tallest in the UK. Our talented team travelled to the London Stadium, Stratford, and got to work preparing the ultimate bungee test!

Although apprehensive at first, after some words of encouragement from both Paddy McGuiness and our Jumpmaster, Chris managed to put his fears aside, remembered why he was challenging himself, and managed to take the leap! Afterwards, he felt more prepared for the final challenge and he joined the team to confidently complete the 35-foot training high wire!

Watch the episode by clicking here!