Daredevil - CBBC


This October UK Bungee had the enjoyment of working with the DareDevil as they put three arents’ fears to the test courtesy in order to win a once in a lifetime prize.

The Daredevil, a new programme commissioned by CBBC, dares a child’s family and friends to carry out a range of activities based on their likes, dislikes, fears and phobias for the chance to win an unforgettable prize. 

UK Bungee was approached by CBBC when the Daredevil dared three family members from three different families to take part in the UK’s highest bungee jump.  Based over a quarry near Chepstow, the 400ft bungee jump attracts serious thrill seekers from all over the country making it an ideal bungee jumping location for a Daredevil activity. 

With the insurance, risk assessments and method statements completed before the event, the day itself was able to run smoothly as the contestants passed from registration to harnessing and finally into the bungee jumping cage.  With cameramen present in the cage to capture the nerves of the contestants and cameramen positioned at various points on site, the jump was able to be filmed from a variety of angles.  Despite the nerves, our crew managed to ease the contestants enabling them to face their fears and jump out of the cage, 400ft above the quarry.

The Daredevil series will launch on CBBC shortly.