Indoor Bungee on BBC Ones DIY SOS!


The UK Bungee Club were thrilled when we were recently asked to take part in an episode of BBC One’s home improvement programme, DIY SOS. The show gives deserving families the house of their dreams with the help of a team of builders and local tradesmen.

Our episode showed Jason, a qualified electrician from Hull and his family - wife Liz, daughters Poppy and Lily and his step-daughter Emily. Unfortunately in January 2011, Jason developed worrying symptoms such as severe migranes and was diagnosed with life-limiting Fabry’s Disease.

Determined to ensure that Jason is able to live the rest of his life safe in the knowledge that his home is fully accessible, even in the later stages of his illness, the DIY SOS team set out to fully renovate the family home.

During the build, stepdaughter Emily turned 21. With such love for her Mum and Jason, Emily vowed to stay in the house and help to look after the two younger children. It was for this reason that the production team wanted her to have a birthday that she wouldn’t forget…and this is where the UK Bungee Club came in!

Joined by Billy and Chris, two of the regular builders on the show, Emily joined us for our Indoor Bungee Jump at the Magna Science Adventure Centre. Eager to take the plunge, she was soon signed in, weighed and harnessed. Standing on the edge of the platform with one of our most experienced Jumpmasters, there was no heistation as Emily leapt into the Abyss below.

Billy, on the other hand, was a different story! After a tirade of excuses, he finally asked Chris to walk up to the 150ft platform for some words of encouragement…or so Chris thought. Making a speedy exit back down the stairs, Billy left Chris to take on the jump himself. After a small amount of heistation, as well as a reminder fromm our Jumpmaster that Emily has jumped straight away, he made the leap.

The UK Bungee Club would like to thank DIY SOS and its production crew for a fantastic day and for being able to be part of the process for such a special family.

You can watch the full episode by clicking here.

If you think that you could take on the Indoor Bungee Jump, you can book by clicking here.