The Magicians


Towards the end of 2011 the UK Bungee Club was approached by a TV production company and asked to assist in a performance of a stunt for a television programme called The Magicians.

The programme saw a number of magicians over six weeks perform a variety of tricks and illusions with celebrities.  The show, which aired on Saturday evenings on BBC One, has just completed its second series and has enjoyed positive reviews throughout the series.

The stunt that UK Bungee would be involved with would see one of the magicians cutting a celebrity's bungee cord and fusing it back together just as the celebrity jumped off the platform.  The stunt would form the "Grand Illusion" for the series finale.

After discussing how the stunt would be carried out UK Bungee set about finding a variety of suitable locations which were then presented to the TV producers.  With the location narrowed down the next step was for us to plan the risk assessment to ensure that the stunt was able to be carried out safely.  Once the risk assessment was compete and the stunt deemed safe, we then turned our attention to the venue and discussed any modifications that would need to be made.  It was discovered that in order to accomodate the camera crew, the jump platform would need to be extended which was something that UK Bungee instantly began to organise.

The organisation of the event meant that both the rehearsals and actual stunt flowed smoothly.  When broadcast the stunt was an impressive sight and was enjoyed by over 4 million viewers.