This year UK Bungee was happy to be able to assist VO5 in their latest viral video campaign – Extreme Shampoo.

Extreme Shampoo and Conditioners is the latest product to be launched by VO5 and are the first shampoo products that the company have targeted towards men.  In order to launch the product VO5 decided to set about a viral video campaign filming actor Jim Chapman washing his hair in a range of extreme scenarios, one of which was bungee jumping from the 160ft Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge.

The day of the event was a breezy day and as Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge was closed for the filming our crew had only two hours to ensure that the advert scenes were filmed.  Once the actor was harnessed he began the 210 step climb to the top of the bridge, all the while ensuring that the film crew could catch the shots that they needed.  Once at the top of the bridge the actor used a couple of bottle of waters to wet his hair and then proceeded to lather up using the new VO5 Extreme Shampoo.  Once the actor had been placed in the ankle harness and the final checks had been carried out it was time to take the leap.  Unfortunately the actor was too nervous to take the leap himself; however a member of our crew was happy to take the actor’s place for the jump itself and lathered himself up ready for the jump.

Due to the wind and receding tide the first two attempts at hitting the water failed.  With the third attempt our crew were very aware that the tide was receding at a rate quicker than expected so adjusted the jump where possible to try and ensure that the jumper was successfully dipped in the River Tees.  The third attempt was a success and the film crew were able to film all of the shots needed for the advert in the available time scale.

This advert has featured online via You Tube and VO5’s social media pages as part of a series of videos where VO5’s Extreme Shampoo has been used in extreme situations, including a waterfall, the top of Ben Nevis and a speedboat in the River Thames.

To take a look at the advert click here.