Wonderbra's New Product Launch


Last month UK Bungee was approached by Wonderbra to assist with a product launch that would see a competition winner bungee jumping in front of a cleavage on a giant Wonderbra photo.  Oh and the press that would be present, meaning that the stunt would have to be perfect on the first attempt. 

UK Bungee began identifying if this was possible as the stunt would require an extreme amount of precision and accuracy.  It was concluded that this was definitely something that the UK Bungee Club had the knowledge and experience to carry out.  Once the decision to go ahead had been made, UK Bungee set about carrying out the risk assessment as well as liaising with the crane company, the venue and the client to ensure a smooth event.

On the day of the event UK Bungee arrived on site to carry out rigorous testing for one hour in order  to ensure that the jump would occur at the exact position needed for the photo shoot to be success.  Using our expertise we tested the accuracy of the jump using various weights to ensure that the press would be able to capture the perfect shot in the very first jump.

The planning and knowledge of the UK Bungee Club meant that the first jump was positioned in the perfect place for the press to capture the perfect photo.  The following press coverage and social media frenzy surrounding the photo shoot allowed Wonderbra to achieve amazing PR results and formed part of a succesful integrated campaign.