Right Guard Thrill Seeker Tour - South Africa / Brazil


Right Guard Thrill Seeker Tour - South Africa / Brazil
Right Guard Thrill Seeker Tour - South Africa / Brazil
Right Guard Thrill Seeker Tour - South Africa / Brazil

Right Guard Extreme PR Launch

Over the years the UK Bungee Club has been approached by various companies and brands to undertake work internationally.

One such Brand was Right Guard extreme deodorant. Public Relations company, Hill and Norton based in London approached the UK Bungee club with the following brief. Find two locations in the world that would show the brand involved in extreme activity and align it to a demographic of the 18 to 30 male markets. A dozen British journalists were to be taken to the two locations where they would participate in various activities fully insured by the UK Bungee Club to ensure maximum brand exposure.

The sites chosen were Table Mountain in South Africa and Iguassu falls on the border with Brazil and Argentina. Table Mountain was tackled with a Rap dive which is a forward abseil 1000ft down a sheer rock face.

The location at Iguassu falls involved abseiling into a 200 foot waterfall, the largest waterfall in the world in the background.

Both trips led to fantastic PR for the brand and were highly successful proving that the UK Bungee Club could organise events on a worldwide stage and facilitate a safe an extreme sports activity alongside an internationally recognised brand.

Right Guard Thrill Seeker Tour - Brazil
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