Gravity Zone - Dubai


Gravity Zone - Dubai
Gravity Zone - Dubai

Towards the end of 2012 UK Bungee Club were approached and asked if we could assist with setting up a new operation – a 160ft bungee jump in the heart of Dubai.

After numerous discussions on the phone and an agreement formed whereby UK Bungee Club would partner with Ramez Shawky for the operation, Managing Director Jon Snape flew out to Dubai to meet with Ramez and carry out a Site Visit to ensure that the location was safe to carry out bungee jumping.  After finalising the terms of the partnership, UK Bungee Club officially joined Ramez Shawky to create Gravity Zone, Dubai. 

Once the partnership was formed in February 2013, Technical Director, Andy Ridell and Jumpmaster, Will Roberts visited Dubai and carried out the relevant risk assessments.  Once complete both Andy and Will began to train the Gravity Zone crew with the aim of building a fully trained, competent crew within the two weeks before launch.  The partnership ensured that Gravity Zone followed UK Bungee Club’s Rules & Regulations to carry out bungee jumping in a safe environment, and this was carried through to the training as well as the operations.    

With the training complete, Technical Director Andy Ridell, headed back to the UK, leaving Jumpmaster Will to continue running the operations of the jump site.  With UK Bungee supplying a full-time Site Controller for the duration of the operation, Will Roberts was responsible for ensuring that UK Bungee Club’s standard were adhered to at all times as well as offer on-site advice for marketing and operations.  Due to visa restrictions Will returned to the UK two months later but was replaced by another well experienced Jumpmaster, with a weeklong hand-over period between the two Jumpmasters.

As well as assisting with the operations of the bungee jump, UK Bungee Club also assisted with the marketing, utilising UK Bungee Club’s current on-site branding to build Gravity Zone’s branding along with supplying a point of contact for any further questions regarding the marketing or practice of the bungee jump.    

The bungee jump enjoyed a successful operation in Dubai and attracted numerous tourists and adrenaline-seekers who enjoyed the fantastic sites of Dubai before taking the 160ft leap.

For more information about Gravity Zone and to take a look at their website click here.

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