Bucket List

01 Jan 2022

Why do people bungee jump is a question we have been asked a lot, especially from passersby or spectators and there are many reasons, a charity bungee jump to raise funds, a gift experience given by a friend or loved one but sometimes it is a lot simpler, it's just one of life's bucket list experiences that needs to be ticked!  

We all have a bucket list of sorts, the kinds of things that you have always dreamed of doing or the type of things that you really need to do in order to feel a sense of accomplishment in life. Peoples bucket lists can include a wide variety of that items from travelling and visiting a country to flying first class or knitting a jumper or even reading a certain book. However, lots of people also have facing fears and feeling alive on their bucket list, and if you are reading this then you could be one of those people. Whether it be a birthday milestone, a new year, a life changing event or you just want to get busy living, whatever the reason is for wanting to experience more, a bungee jump is undoubtedly one of life’s essential bucket list items you need to do!  

Luckily for you, you have made it to the right website to book your bungee jump! We have a range of different jumps to suit all desires, whether it be from a bridge, 160ft jump from a crane, a 300ft from a crane, doing it forwards and then backwards or even doing it with a friend as a tandem. With so many options to choose from and 17 locations around the UK there is something to fulfill everyone’s needs.  

So, what are you waiting for? Tick something off your bucket list and book your bungee now!