Dance Troupe Diversity's Stag Do

04 Aug 2022

Dance troupe Diversity were looking for the perfect day of activities for member Jordan Banjo’s Stag Do that happened at the start of August 2022.

With a week of activities planned, they turned to us for the 3rd day of fun! We were tasked with providing them with a day to remember, and that we did! Making sure they had a jam-packed day ahead, we headed to Chelmsford City Racecourse where we set up to give them all the chance to participate in 3 activities.

First up, they were to abseil from the cage in the air back down to the ground where everyone got their chance to do it. Next up, they were faced with a 160ft bungee jump, where again, they were in the air in the cage then had to jump head first 160ft to the ground. It took a couple of them a bit longer to take their turn, but everyone gave it a go in the end. Finally, it was time for them to do their third activity, a catapult. Where they were on the ground in a harness with a bungee cord was attached to the cage in the air they were then released so they were catapulted into the air. 

Overall, they had plenty in store for the day! Everyone had their turn, and all members of the party completed all 3 resulting in a very special day for Jordan and very happy customers.