Joel Corry & Tom Grennan Single Lionheart

21 Oct 2022

Have you heard the song ‘Lionheart’ by Joel Corry and Tom Grennan? Well, here at the UK Bungee club we were lucky enough to be invited to launch the single. Atlantic Records got in touch with us as there were setting up challenges for the artists to participate in before the song was released.

At the start of October we headed to Bray Lake Watersports in Maidenhead where the production crew were there to meet us. After a swift set up, we were ready to greet the two artists and let them know what we had planned for them.

The day had two activities in store for the artists; first of all they completed a catapult. This is when someone is on the ground and attached by a harness to a bungee cord, they are then released when the cord is stretched so that they are catapulted into the air. Only one of them had to take part in the catapult and it was decided who was going to participate in it by a game of rock paper scissors, best of 3. Tom won the first game, Joel won the second game which meant that the third was the deciding one, this was once again won by tom. With Joel been the loser of the game it was him taking to the challenge and he was attached and into the air he went.  

Next was the main event, a 160ft bungee jump. The two got into the cage and into the air they went to complete a tandem bungee jump. As they reached the top of the crane, Joel explained that their new single would be out on October the 21st and then out of the cage they went, with many screams to be heard from Joel himself.

After this, Tom did another jump with a member of the production team and then Joel decided to get his own back on the record label and sent a member of the marketing team at the label up in the cage to complete a jump too.

Overall, a successful day for Atlantic Records and UK Bungee.

Listen to Lionheart here!