Mous Limitless 5.0 Phone Case Bungee Launch

23 Sep 2022

With the release of the new iPhone 14, the smartphone accessory brand Mous had a protective case ready for the launch. They were looking to find a way to people know that their phone cases would be able to protect the brand new phone. 

That was when they contacted the UK Bungee Club in search for a way to show that their case could survive day to day drops. This was when the idea came about that they would do a bungee jump and then throw the new phone in the Mous case to the ground to see if it could withstand the impact.

It was CEO and co-founder, James Griffith that took part in the bungee jump at our Bray Lake location, where he had to launch the smartphone 60ft towards the gravelled road below him. Despite the phone making quite the thud as it hit the ground, the phone and the Mous limitless 5.0 case were recovered by the ground team unscathed.  

Watch the phone being thrown here!

While we were at Windsor testing the phone case, it was the perfect time to see how easy Mous' IntraLock phone mount system was to use. With the design being that the phone can easily clip into the mount it was time to put it to the test. Bungee jumping with the phone in hand, having to clip it to the mount which was floating in the lake below, it was successfully done and the phone was clippede into the mount. 

See the IntraLock Bungee Jump here!