UK Bungee Announces New Belfast Bungee Jumping Location!

12 Jul 2013

UK Bungee is pleased to announce a fantastic new bungee jumping location in Northern Ireland – Titanic, Belfast!

This amazing new location will provide one of UK Bungee’s best bungee jumping locations as adrenaline-seekers leap in the exact location where the famous Titanic was built!  Located on the slipway where the magnificent ship was constructed, thrill-seekers will be lifted 160ft into the air, which is just below the 175ft height of the ship itself, (measured from Keel to the top of the funnel) before leaping into the space where the Titanic once occupied!  The views from the top will provide incredible views not only of the astounding architecture of the new Titanic museum, but further across the city centre skyline of Belfast and out into the Irish Sea and even Scotland! 

Not only does this jump location provide a historical bungee jumping site with amazing views, but it also provides jumpers and spectators with an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic day in the surrounding areas.  The newly opened Titanic, Belfast museum features a range of interactive technology used to tell the famous story of the Titanic, from creation and construction through to the fateful night of April 15th 1912.  With technological glass re-creating the building of the ship on the slipways clearing to reveal the current scene and even a special effects ride, Titanic, Belfast has managed to combine evidence from almost 100 years ago with modern technologies to create an unforgettable experience designed to tell the story of the legendary Titanic. 

Further afield Belfast offers a very entertaining day out with an abundance of shops, restaurants and bars to celebrate your bungee jump!  Whether you choose to spend your time shopping amongst the high street favourites at Castle Court, visiting attractions such as Belfast Zoo and Belfast Castle, or just enjoying a relaxing drink at one of Belfast’s many trendy bars, there is plenty to keep you occupied in Belfast.

The first bungee jumping event at Titanic, Belfast will take place on the 21st & 22nd September and to ensure that you are one of the first to bungee jump from the slipway where the Titanic was constructed make sure that you book your place now!