UK Bungee Appears Live On ITV's Loose Women!

13 Dec 2013

UK Bungee made another TV appearance this week on popular day time TV show Loose Women!

A few weeks ago we were very excited when it was confirmed that UK Bungee would be appearing live on Loose Women to perform a Catapult over the River Thames.  The stunt was to be performed for Text Santa, with one of the Loose Women agreeing to take part in an extreme activity if viewers donated more than £50,000 to the good cause of ITV’s Text Santa.

When our crew arrived on the day they were very excited to find out that the Loose Woman that would be performing the Catapult was none other than the very likeable Andrea McLean!  With a crane set up at the side of the River Thames and word spreading that Loose Women were to perform a bungee stunt at the site, a crowd began to form filled with well-wishers and even paparazzi.  As the live show loomed, our crew chatted to the slightly nervous yet very friendly Andrea whilst taking her through the harnessing process; once complete it was a matter of waiting for the show to begin...

As Loose Women aired there were numerous references to the challenge that Andrea faced, with live interviews confirming Andrea’s nerves (along with several incidental TV appearances from members of our crew!)  As the rest of the office watched online, it was finally announced that the viewers of Loose Women had donated significantly more than the £50,000 target and that Andrea would be performing the Catapult.  With a huge countdown from the viewer’s inside the studio and those located out in the cold riverside air, the bungee cord was stretched and the pin finally released – sending Andrea shooting straight up 120ft in the air! 

After numerous screams, Andrea was finally brought back down to the ground where she admitted that she was proud that she hadn’t swore on live TV – something that not all of our customers could have achieved!

Our crew thoroughly enjoyed working on this television appearance with the excitement of working on live TV only adding to their experience.  Andrea’s Catapult was done for the great cause that is Text Santa; if you would like to show your support for Andrea and Text Santa just click here to donate.