UK Bungee Club was approached in early 2013 by advertising agency Creature to discuss an advertisement concept for Carling’s new British Cider. 

 The concept involved a stunt that would see one of Carling’s new advertisement characters performing a bungee jump in order to bob for apples in a barrel 160ft below.  UK Bungee Club are often challenged with various requests so Managing Director, Jon Snape visited Creature to discuss the needs of the advertisement in more detail.  With confirmation that the stunt could be carried out and the need for a stunt double to carry out the bungee jump whilst bobbing for an apple confirmed, Jon’s passion for bungee jumping caused him to step forward and agree to carry out the stunt himself. 

Once the necessary risk assessments and site visit had been completed, along with confirmation that the operation would be covered by UK Bungee Club’s insurance, Jon and our long-time Jumpmaster Dan Baine travelled to the shoot for the advert complete with bungee cords and equipment.  Met by the 160ft crane, Jon and Dan began to set up the equipment ready for the shoot.  With over 150 extra’s on set for the advert, Jon took to the platform and performed a total of 17 bungee jumps during the shoot to enable the crew to get the perfect shots needed for the advert.  The day itself was quite gusty but between Jon and Dan’s bungee jumping expertise they were able to continue jumping in between the severe gusts helping to ensure that the day’s filming wasn’t disrupted too much.   Due to safety reasons the cage that provided the bungee jumping platform could not be left unmanned by a UK Bungee member of staff, which resulted in Jumpmaster Dan Baine acting alongside his Jumpmaster role as he featured in the advert.

Once the required shots had been captured UK Bungee packed the equipment and it was over to the editing department to create the advert.  UK Bungee Club had a great day on set with the crew and the advert itself has proved a hit with audiences and the marketing industry gaining almost 150,000 views on You Tube within just two weeks.