Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Product Queries / Where can I jump?

Where can I jump?

We have venues nationwide however we do jump in some places more than others.

Regular monthly jump sites are

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Bridge Jump - Middlesbrough
  • The Abyss @ Magna - Sheffield

Visited once a quarter

  • Windsor / Bray Lakes Watersports

Sites visited at least once a year

  • Brighton
  • Midlands (Birmingham / Mallory Park)
  • Cambridge
  • Bristol
  • Scotland / Glasgow 

 For information on dates and booking please see our "book a jump page"

To find accommodations near your UK Bungee Jump, visit HotelsCombined

Which jump locations are over water?

The information below gives you accurate information of which jumps are over water.   

Over Water

  • Windsor / Bray
  • Manchester
  • Bridge Jump - Middlesbrough
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Mallory Park
  • Birmingham
  • 400ft
  • 300ft

For information on dates and booking please see our "book a jump page"

What is a FAB bungee jump?

A FAB bungee jump is a forward and backwards jump, your first jump is performed in the traditional manner jumping out headfirst and the second jump is done leaning out backwards and leeting go, which gives you a completly different sensation. Both jumps are completed straight after each other on the day.

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